Our mission is to end and prevent chronic homelessness in Australia.

The Australian Common Ground Alliance (ACGA) is a network of organisations working in partnership with government, corporate, philanthropic and community stakeholders to promote and deliver innovative supportive housing solutions for chronic homelessness. Our work is informed by the international experience of Common Ground (New York), Australian Common Ground projects and decades of experience in homelessness and housing across Australia.

Common Ground projects target the most vulnerable chronically homeless people, providing them with a safe, high quality place to live and the support services and security required to keep them housed, healthy and stable.

In Australia, more than 105,200 people are homeless each night – that’s one in every 200 people – with 6% experiencing primary homelessness (ABS 2012, Census of Population and Housing: Estimating Homelessness 2011). While that’s down from the 2006 Census figure of 8% experiencing primary homelessness, this represents the people sleeping rough on the streets and in improvised shelters. Around 50% of primary homeless people are very vulnerable and chronically homeless – we estimate this figure to be around 3,200 individuals across Australia.

It is these most at risk and marginalised Australians who are the focus of our work.

Website Design Melbourne: How Should You Add Comments?

It’s very wise to add comments when working on website design Melbourne based companies can provide. Comments allow your readers to engage with your site, they keep people coming back and they help to build community. If you respond to the comments, you can hook people and ensure that they always check in on your site to see new posts and look for new information. So, how should the website design Melbourne from gmgweb.com.au has to offer incorporate these comments?

The first way is to use a comment system that is exclusively hooked to your site. Only those who are members of your site have the ability to comment at all. Visitors can read what has been written – which is helpful if they have similar questions – but they can’t write. The disadvantage here is that many people do not like this type of website design Melbourne companies use because they just don’t want to create yet another online account. You may push away casual fans who would have commented if they could do so with an existing account. 

That brings you nicely to the second way that website design Melbourne has to offer can incorporate comments, which is through a multi-site comment tool. People simply have to make one account and then they can log in and comment on any site that uses this system. For instance, Google+ allows people to do this, as does Disqus. These systems are still somewhat exclusive, but their use on multiple sites means that many readers already have accounts and will be happy to log in. 

Finally, the website design Melbourne offers could just use the largest social media site in the world: Facebook. With Facebook comments, anyone who has a Facebook account is allowed to comment right away. Most people won’t even have to take the time to make a new account, as millions of people have Facebook accounts now. Best of all, Facebook does a good job of linking people together and sharing information, which can be very helpful if you want to build a community and reach more people with your website.

Quality Removalists Perth Residents Can Trust

Hiring dependable removalists in Perth requires a little bit of research beforehand. Although the large Western Australia city offers many quality removalist companies, it’s important for people to explore all of their options first. No two removalist companies are exactly the same, after all. 

If a person needs removalists in Perth who will take out all of the furnishings from her living space, then she has many companies to choose between. Removalists in Perth generally offer a diverse range of services. These various services include packing, unpacking, insurance, storage and even home cleaning. If a person needs to vacate a rental home and wants to leave it in immaculate condition for her landlords, home cleaning service is a definite bonus. Insurance is also a helpful option. Many professional removalists in Perth can help their customers connect with reputable insurance providers in the region. Since moving losses can often be extremely costly, insurance can be a great protective measure for people. 

If an individual isn’t aware of any dependable cheap removalists Perth – http://www.fragileremovals.com.au/perth/, the Internet can be a wonderful source of help. The vast majority of removalist companies in and around Perth have business websites. They also tend to have many customer reviews online. If a person wants to work with a removalist company that generally receives glowing reviews from past clients, for example, paying attention to reviews can go a long way. Reviews can stop people from working with removalist companies that aren’t reliable or professional.

Fragile Removals

Moving is a stressful experience no matter where you are. People who are moving from or within the Perth area, however, have a lot of superb removalist business choices available to them. Working with a reputable removalist company can often take a lot of the stress and frustration out of the chaotic and unpredictable moving process.

Researchers have stressed the importance of umbilical cord blood banking for some time. Now they are moving into the area of umbilical cord tissue banking. Medical facilities are taking advantage of umbilical cord tissue banking, whether they acquire the umbilical cord itself or harvest its cells. At this point in time, umbilical cord tissue banking is still in its infancy when it comes to this field of research. Scientists have high hopes that one day umbilical cord tissue banking could save lives. It all comes down to the way umbilical cord tissue stem cells can serve a variety of purposes.

Regeneration is the key philosophy behind umbilical cord tissue banking. Researchers have performed various studies involving the stem cells that are extracted from the umbilical cord. These stem cells could have the ability to multiply and differentiate. When injected into an affected area of a child’s body, umbilical cord stem cells could have a dramatic effect on a child’s health. For children who are stricken with severe conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, or neurological disorders, stem cells removed from the umbilical cord could promote healing. Umbilical cord tissue banking requires expertise from professionals in the field and proper storage techniques. Parents who take part in umbilical cord tissue banking need to understand that there are expenses involved in the process and there are no guarantees. However, many feel that it is worth it to take a positive step toward protecting their children. As scientists continue to make great strides toward treating a variety of severe illnesses, umbilical cord tissue banking may offer the best solution for a cure. http://www.cellcare.com.au/about-cord-banking/about-cord-tissue

Reliable RCG Courses in Sydney

People who are looking to take RCG courses in Sydney have many suitable options in front of them. The metropolis is home to many choices in RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling) courses. If a person needs superior RCG courses in Sydney, extensive research should yield at least a number of first-rate choices throughout the city.

If a person aspires to pursue employment in an environment that offers professional gambling services, then RCG courses in Sydney are essential. If an individual wishes to be on the staff of the gaming section of a registered club, hotel or resort, for example, then RCG courses in Sydney might just make a smart and practical starting point.

RCG courses Sydney by http://www.catch.nsw.edu.au/course/rcg go in-depth on many key subjects that relate to professional gambling services. Some examples of these subjects include relevant government agencies, the negative effects of harmful gambling behaviours on peoples’ personal lives and families, proof of age, penalties, alcohol, statutory, techniques for stopping underage gambling, duty of care awareness, the positive factors of running gaming with responsibility and respect, gambling legislation, gambling industry and self exclusion schemes. If an individual takes RCG courses in Sydney, he or she should learn about all of these subjects in great detail. These subjects can be very helpful for preparing people for fulfilling and extensive careers in the gambling world. People who take RCG courses in Sydney learn about how to aid customers who are experiencing significant problems with gambling addiction, for example. RCG courses in Sydney are generally extremely comprehensive and thorough and leave no stones unturned.

When students of these courses do well, they’re able to complete these training programs. When they complete RCG programs, they earn certificates from the Office of Liquor, Gambling and Racing. They also earn statements of attainments (nationally acknowledged) and plastic cards that can fit comfortably inside of their wallets. These cards are sent out to students by the Office of Liquor, Gambling and Racing of New South Wales (NSW).

These courses take place all over Sydney at all different times. They take place every single week of the calendar year. People can plan their courses to fit into their busy work or education schedules. If a person wishes to take these courses on Wednesday morning, he can likely find something that fits into his schedule. If another person wishes to take these courses on another day of the week, there’s a strong chance he’ll be able to find something suitable, too.

If an individual is looking for quality RCG courses in Sydney, it can be a good idea to first look for a training provider that has approval from the Office of Liquor, Gambling and Racing. This can be helpful for giving students peace of mind. Training providers with approval from that organization are generally both trustworthy and dependable. RCG courses in Sydney call for at least six hours in total. These courses do not possess any exemptions. The Internet can be a great resource for people who are looking for RCG courses.